We provide home birth and full scope midwifery services to Las Vegas as well as Boulder City and other surrounding areas. Our services include prenatal visits, home birth and postpartum care plus breastfeeding assistance, family planning counsel, and well woman care.

Your happy Home Birth was created by Sherry Hopkins, a Midwife who has now attended over 450 births has assisted hundreds of women with breastfeeding and is well versed in the use of herbs in pregnancy, labor and breastfeeding.
Your Happy Home Birth was created to give women a superior choice in maternity care.

In 2007 Sherry Hopkins has also

Founded Well Rounded Momma a center for supporting family through every aspect of the birthing process whether you are delivering at home or in a hospital.  She has brought the very best birth professionals under one location and one organization ie. Midwives, Doulas, Childbirth Educators, Lactation Consultants, Support Groups, Alternative Health Care and much more.

Sherry has made it her work for the better part of this decade to improve the birthing experience for all women in Las Vegas she has been asked to speak to medical boards and has done in-service hospital training for nurses. She has earned the respect of many Doctors in the valley and she has more than one Doctor that backs for her.

Home, Where Families Are Born With Love.

I'm Sherry Hopkins and I understand that selecting your care provider is one of the most important decisions you make for your baby. One reason many are turning to homebirth is the relationship they develop with their midwife. This relationship is very different from what you would experience with a doctor. The bond that is shared between you and your midwife should be very fulfilling. How, where, and who greets your baby as he or she enters this world will have lasting effects for you and your family.

As a midwife I provide comprehensive clinical care while supporting the emotional well-being of you and your family. I seek clients where nurturing connections can be made and flourish. I have had the honor of greeting hundreds of beautiful babies as they entered the world and I cherish the relationships developed during their birth journey, relationships that have lasted throughout the years. If you are interested in having a homebirth, I invite you and your support team to visit with me. Together we will answer your questions, get to know eachother, and see if I am the right fit to share in the trasformational journey you are now embarking upon.
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When making a decision as important as who will deliver your baby Consider what other Birth Professionals have to say about us 

Jenny Fox Ishihara Childbirth Educator and Doula

"Sherry is a well respected leader in the Las Vegas birth community, providing mentorship to birthing families and birth professionals alike. With humor, grace and wisdom, she puts those around her at ease. She is dedicated to and passionate about her work, devoting herself tirelessly to ensuring that all women seeking respectful care during childbirth, will receive it. One of the qualities that Sherry offers to her clients that is especially treasured is her ability to intuit their emotional needs during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. In addition to her clinical knowledge, she offers a deep well of compassion. How one gives birth is effected greatly by emotional influences, and Sherry is a wonderful companion through that vast landscape."

Mandie Medford HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator, Lactation Educator and Doula

" I can not begin to express the magnitude of what a wonderful midwife Sherry truly is. I recommend her to any client of mine who is looking into having a homebirth because of her level of confidence in the natural birth process and her ability to put parents' minds at ease when they are exploring homebirth. Her level and depth of knowledge goes beyond just knowing the mechanics of how birth works. She has gone above and beyond simply delivering babies; she understands the emotions and feelings of the pregnant mother and her birth companion and addresses those emotional needs with great respect and consideration when she is helping a couple plan for the birth that they wish to have. I have personally heard her speak to groups of pregnant families and she is so very empowering. Sherry has worked hard to promote health and wellness with the parents whom we see at Well Rounded Momma by doing extensive research into the importance of prenatal nutrition and exercise and has given our families (as well as we birth professionals) a better understanding of why good nutrition is so important in pregnancy; but she has also given us all very practical ways to help our parents take care of themselves physically and mentally. She is always willing to answer questions that come up in my classes in a very calm and simple way so that again, our parents feel empowered with knowledge so that they can experience THEIR birth.

I have attended births as a doula with Sherry and her calm aura can be felt by everyone in the room. Again, her firm belief and confidence of the birth process can not be hidden. She makes us all feel alright about what is taking place. Sherry has attended the births of both of my daughters and the biggest thing that sticks out for me besides her calm manner and demeanor, is her calm soft voice. It was her attitude and knowledge that helped guide me through the 47 hour long labor I experienced with my first daughter, drug free and with minimal medical interventions. Without her, I am convinced things would have been much different for myself and my daughter. Sherry has become a fixture at our births and I can't have a baby unless she is present!"

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